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The Farm to Cup Experience

The Tale of the Coffee Snob Like much of middle class America, there are two things that I MUST have every morning in order to function like a proper human being throughout the day.  One, a hot shower and two, a strong cup of coffee. The shower wakes me up..  The coffee sustains me.  Now for most this is just a small part of the day, but for me, it’s crucial.  You see, about eleven years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, I gave up all caffeinated sodas in lieu of Sprite and Ginger Ale.  Eventually, as my body began to adjust to this massive decrease in sugar and caffeine, I began to find that the Sprite, the Ginger Ale and yes, even sweet tea was just too much for me.  Yeah yeah, I know…  here in the South, that’s pretty much blasphemous.  Eventually I gave up Sprite and Ginger Ale completely and became accustomed to requesting “half and half tea.”  For those of you who aren't from around here, in North Carolina that generally means half sweet, half unsweet.  So n

You Scream, I Scream, We ALL Scream for.....

Goodbye Pie, Hello Ice Cream The clouds have cleared, the birds are singing and Spring is finally in the air.   With one quick glance we can see the change that’s underway.   Flowers are blooming, the grass is high and our skin is begging for the sun’s kiss.   And just as we see changes to the world around us, we also start to notice changes at our local restaurants.   We gradually move away from the warm cakes and pies that soothed our bones over the Winter months and we start looking forward to fruit topped custards and creamy ice creams!   Fortunately for us foodies, Salisbury has PLENTY to of options!   One of my favorite stops is the old fashioned, iconic Dairy Queen located at 1004 W Innes St where you can still order all kinds of delicious soft-serve treats right at the window.   On a warm summer night, just after the sun sets, nothing makes the heart sing like a dipped cone! As you venture into downtown, you’ll notice Spanky’s , a cozy, sort-of retro ice-