Sweet Meadow, where locals do brunch

Photo courtesy of Duane Duvall from DDPhotography13

Getting In

Bells jingled harmoniously as I slipped through the door at Sweet Meadow Cafe in hopes of finding a seat.  The Sunday morning brunch rush had already begun and I watched as servers buzzed around like a hive of bees, cleaning off tables and making room for the cluster of hungry bodies waiting patiently by the door.  A smiling face looked my way and asked, “Do you have a reservation?” I cringed. Of course I didn’t. I shook my head no and waited to accept my fate. The smile never left her face as she checked her reservation schedule and scanned the room for a spot.  She seemed relieved though when I volunteered to take an open seat at the bar. Menus and silverware secured my place as the server popped around the corner to pour me a cool glass of water. The brunch menu was filled with a wide variety of farm to table breakfast and lunch items including salads, french toast and both breakfast and lunch sandwiches.   The menu was further supplemented by the rotating specials that had been lovingly scribed onto a chalkboard by the entrance. Included in this list were multiple quiche options along with omelets and zesty orange and strawberry pancakes. It was hard to resist the goat cheese salad that had become my go to item at Sweet Meadow Cafe, but today, I was in a breakfast mood.

The Food

I sat next to a gentleman with a thick German accent who was eating a massive, burrito sized omelet stuffed with spiced ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes and provolone cheese.  I was astonished as I watched him finish every last bite right before my eyes. “How about a drink?” a charming voice sang from behind the bar. Mark Sink, Sweet Meadow’s Front of House Manager smiled brightly as he handed me the drink menu.  He continued pouring a long line of spiked coffees as I glanced over it. I decided to try a Bloody Mary, which I later learned is their most popular cocktail to date. I am always hesitant to order this classic drink because, as history would show, I can be a bit of a snob.  Mark worked carefully and meticulously as he made me what turned out to be one of, or dare I say the best, Bloody Mary I have ever tried. It was just the perfect amount of spice with a lovely array of accoutrement. Honestly, I could have just stopped there and been completely satisfied.

I paired this spicy concoction with the Eggs Benedict along with fresh melon and breakfast potatoes.  Eggs Benedict is a classic dish comprised of an english muffin, canadian bacon, fresh egg and hollandaise sauce. My date was a bit more adventurous and ordered the Swiss Steak Quiche with breakfast potatoes and a salad. The quiche is made up of eggs, shaved beef, peppers, onion, tomatoes and swiss cheese. The food came out hot and it was as delicious as it was beautiful. After a couple of bites I realized that the German gentleman who had sat next to me was only doing what anyone with any real taste would do when something so delicious is on your plate.  After a couple more bites, I realized I too would be cleaning my plate as the folks sitting next to me watched in shock.

The People

As I sat quietly enjoying my meal, I noticed that everyone around me seemed to know each other and many stopped to reserve their spot for next week before heading out the door.  The restaurant was warm and filled with excitement. The vibe was busy but not in a chaotic, stressful sort of way that can sometimes turn patrons away. At Sweet Meadow there is a steady hum of eclectic, service driven individuals steadily working away and doing what they love.  From the bar I spotted Sweet Meadow’s owners, Heather and Scott Teeter, who were shuffling around the kitchen with a kind of grace and ease that seems to get lost in larger, less personal restaurants. I lovingly admired the mish mash of guests as the funky, soulful tunes of the California Honeydrops played in the background.  Servers gleefully danced around, charming each person that stepped foot inside. It was the kind of energy that every foodie longs to find. A place where you feel welcome, where your every need is anticipated. Sweet Meadow is the sort of place where you step inside and suddenly you are a part of something that you weren’t before.  A place filled with professionals, families, musicians, yogi masters, and misfits. A place where everyone seems to come together and share a meal made with such immense love and passion that you’ll wish you never had to leave.

Sweet Meadow Cafe is located in Salisbury’s “entertainment district” at 105 East Fisher Street in Downtown Salisbury, Next to City Tavern.  They describe themselves as a “farm to fork eclectic bistro” who offers fresh local food.  They also offer a variety of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options, and a full bar. Swing by, soak in the love and if you're lucky enough to see a beautiful, blonde haired cook zoom through the dining room, thank her for chasing her dreams and for sharing all that positive energy.  If there is one thing I know with absolutely certainty.... Salisbury is better because of Sweet Meadow Cafe and Sweet Meadow Cafe IS Salisbury.


  1. Thanks for the nice posting about Sweet Meadow. I do enjoy eating there...as you mentioned, there is a certain vibe there so you know you can go in and sit, relax and truly enjoy your time there.

    1. We couldn't agree more! Thanks for reading and be sure to clcik the menu on our HOME page to sign up for our email list!

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