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Salisbury Foodie; An Introduction

10 years ago, I was in my mid-20s, newly married, and preparing to welcome my first child into the world.  I was just entering the "nesting stage" of my pregnancy and I was determined to find the perfect home for my new bundle of joy.  Finally, after countless trips to the bank, months of counting pennies and a little creative problem solving, I landed in the duplex (soon to be single family) home of my pregnant dreams.  The home was located smack dab in between some of the most beautiful historical homes I had ever seen, and those older homes that had been abandoned and left to rot over the years.  This juxtaposition of the pre and post renovation homes was a contradiction that became apparent in many aspects of Salisbury and now, 10 years later, it has become the thing that makes it so incredibly special.  

Like most small towns sprinkled across the Southeast, we have our iconic "Main St," where families and citizens come together to share in food, art, music and merriment.  The brick and mortar facade of Salisbury's Main St along with it's historical murals, landmarks and mom and pop shops can make you feel like you've stepped back in time.  Another look, and you'll begin to notice the seeds of change that have been planted in Salisbury in recent years.  Seeds that are beginning to take root in Salisbury's arts district, in it's local agricultural community, in it's craft breweries and perhaps most notably, in it's wide variety of locally owned eateries.

Here on Salisbury Foodie, I'll be hitting the streets and checking out all of the coolest old, and NEW, hidden secrets in Salisbury and beyond.  From historical murals, old fashioned soda shops and community events, to food trucks, craft beers, farm-to-tables cafes and contemporary sculptures, those seeds of change are all around.  They need to be nurtured and I am going to help you do just that!  Follow along and soon you'll be living like the locals do, and who knows, you might even try something new!


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--From the Beginning-- Many of the folks who call Salisbury home still remember a time when Salisbury was filled with hometown BBQ restaurants and hot dog joints.  The biggest decision we had to make was chopped or sliced.. plain or “all the way.” Today Salisbury has blossomed into a cornucopia of locally owned restaurants, coffee houses, breweries and wineries.  No one is more aware of this change than Juice Life owners Mark and Ashley Honeycutt. Ashley, a native to Salisbury, has always been passionate about bringing healthy food to our community. She began her journey by welcoming us at the former Farmhouse Restaurant, a farm to table operation that introduced Salisbury to a wide variety of salad and veggie plate options.  As Ashley explained, “back then that WAS healthy. We had no idea that what our bodies were lacking was the nutrition that we gain from consuming raw and cold pressed fruits and vegetables.” In October of 2014, the Farmhouse officially closed their

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Photo courtesy of Duane Duvall from DDPhotography13 Getting In Bells jingled harmoniously as I slipped through the door at Sweet Meadow Cafe in hopes of finding a seat.  The Sunday morning brunch rush had already begun and I watched as servers buzzed around like a hive of bees, cleaning off tables and making room for the cluster of hungry bodies waiting patiently by the door.  A smiling face looked my way and asked, “Do you have a reservation?” I cringed. Of course I didn’t. I shook my head no and waited to accept my fate. The smile never left her face as she checked her reservation schedule and scanned the room for a spot.  She seemed relieved though when I volunteered to take an open seat at the bar. Menus and silverware secured my place as the server popped around the corner to pour me a cool glass of water. The brunch menu was filled with a wide variety of farm to table breakfast and lunch items including salads, french toast and both breakfast and lunch sandwich

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My husband and I met about eighteen years ago when we were in college together.  We both worked in restaurants and once we began dating we even worked together.  He spent his days BOH, or Back Of House, cooking anything from sauces and soups to  hand cut steaks and ribs.  I spent my nights FOH, or Front Of House, mixing cocktails at the bar and serving guests.  We were both good at our jobs and found pride in our work.  We learned a lot about how restaurants operate, about what guests expect, and eventually we learned that food would forever remain a big part of our lives. When we finally got married in 2007, we grabbed a flight to Las Vegas and set out on a culinary journey that we would never forget.  Enjoying the iconic Las Vegas buffet,  snails from the top of the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and fresh American dishes from Wolfgang Puck helped us to see what food could and should be.  Above all I think, we learned that great food doesn't have to come from a really fancy restaurant.