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Juice Life, An Evolution

--From the Beginning--

Many of the folks who call Salisbury home still remember a time when Salisbury was filled with hometown BBQ restaurants and hot dog joints.  The biggest decision we had to make was chopped or sliced.. plain or “all the way.” Today Salisbury has blossomed into a cornucopia of locally owned restaurants, coffee houses, breweries and wineries.  No one is more aware of this change than Juice Life owners Mark and Ashley Honeycutt. Ashley, a native to Salisbury, has always been passionate about bringing healthy food to our community. She began her journey by welcoming us at the former Farmhouse Restaurant, a farm to table operation that introduced Salisbury to a wide variety of salad and veggie plate options.  As Ashley explained, “back then that WAS healthy. We had no idea that what our bodies were lacking was the nutrition that we gain from consuming raw and cold pressed fruits and vegetables.” In October of 2014, the Farmhouse officially closed their doors, but Ashley and Mark never gave up on their dreams of providing delicious and highly nutritious options to the community that they know and love.  Upon selling their former restaurant, Ashley and Mark embarked on their newest adventure. One that was driven by love, prayer and an increasing desire to promote health and wellness. Or as the Honeycutts put it,

“our desire is to have a business that would not only benefit the customers that we serve, but allow us to serve in the community that we love.”
After finding the perfect location, they dove right in and began making their dreams a reality.  For months, Mark and Ashley put in a little elbow grease (actually a LOT of elbow grease) and before they knew it, all that was left to do was to install the countertops.  That’s when they realized that they had no money left in the budget. With faith in her heart and a dream of what could be, Ashley decided to sell her vehicle to cover the costs.  It was a sacrifice that quickly paid off. She couldn't believe her ears when just a few days later, one of her two military based sons notified her that he had no use for his vehicle and would be sending it home.  
What perfect timing!  

From that point on, the Juice Life team has received nothing but blessings and daily affirmations through the kindness and generosity of the Salisbury community. With no paid advertising, Juice Life has relied solely on word of mouth to get people in the door. If one thing is for certain though, you need only step into Juice Life once and you will be a customer for life.  Don’t be surprised when resident therapy dog, Bentley, greets you at the door!

--From Past to Present--

Located conveniently between Planet Fitness and J. F. Hurley YMCA, Juice Life offers a wide assortment of locally sourced, cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, specialized coffees and healthy foods.  Fresh produce is brought in every single morning from area farms and cold-pressed to create a unique assortment of plant based products. The process of pressing the juice is really incredible to witness. Ingredients are placed into the juicer, skin and all.  They are chopped into what amounts to a pulp and then mashed through a sterile cloth to create healthy, vibrantly colored juices that are then bottled for consumption. These fresh fruits and vegetables require no additional sweeteners or preservatives and are each created with specific uses in mind.  
Today, I tried the Black Out smoothie which certainly lives up to its name.  This cleansing smoothie features ingredients such as apple, lemon, ginger and activated charcoal, making this one ideal after a long weekend of “not so healthy” eating and drinking.  Y’all, it was delicious! After looking at all the options, I was inclined to just give Ashley my full medical history and have her tell me what I needed to order. Don’t worry, I quickly found out that, that is perfectly normal.  In fact, the knowledgeable staff at Juice Life will gleefully set you up on a specialized Juice Cleanse if you ask!

If you’re like me, you enjoy eating with your eyes just as much as your stomach.  The superfood smoothie bowls are a real treat. With a smoothie base, these bowls are packed full of an array of seasonal fruits, chia seeds and granola (depending on which option you choose).  I decided to try the local favorite, the Acai Bowl. Now tell me this isn’t a feast for the eyes!
I am not lying when I tell you that I could enjoy this every single day and be perfectly satisfied. In addition to the twenty plus juice and smoothie options, Juice Life also offers responsibly harvested, plant based coffee and tea options.  Basically, if you can get it at Starbucks, you can get it at Juice Life! Don’t forget to scoop up some of their addictive Cranberry Almond Energy Bites to go with.

--The Food--

Usually when I visit a “smoothie shop” I never try the food.  I guess I just assume that the food is an afterthought. Today though, I decided I better try something.  I asked the employees at Juice Life if I could taste something that customers might be apprehensive about trying.  The immediate response was “BEETS.” I cringed. Truth be told, I have never enjoyed beets. I have tried them many times, afterall they are so beautiful, but I have never developed a taste for them.  The employees laughed at my reaction and assured me that it was worth a try. So, I settled down in the big comfy sofas, sipped my Green Aid Juice and waited as the staff at Juice Life whipped up a slice of Beet’nik Toast for me to try.  This seeded toast is spread with a bright pink Beet Hummus and then topped with sliced avocado. I was hesitant but I gave it a whirl. I leaned in and took a bite. Then, I took another. I could not believe it when I looked down and realized I had eaten the whole thing!  It was delicious, not overpowering and incredibly filling.
And just like that, Juice Life made me a beet eater!
So, when you step into Juice Life and decide on your beverage, don’t be afraid to select an item off of their food menu. If there’s anything these folks are good at, it’s introducing you to new, healthy superfoods that will leave you feeling energetic and satisfied! Oh, and did I mention they have a drive thru?  Whether you’re leaving the gym, heading to work, or just need something fresh to lift your spirits, Juice Life is an amazing option that you never have to feel guilty about. Head on over and try something new, and be sure all tell everyone that The Salisbury Foodie says hello! Actually, I’ll tell them myself when I head back over again tomorrow.

***If you are a local farmer interested in providing produce to Juice Life, please contact them by email at or over the phone at (704) 603-8958.


  1. Spot on, Juice Life is a true Blessing; Great job keep it up

    1. So glad you enjoyed the article! Be sure to check back often for updates :)


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