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Locally Baked Sweet Treats from Blue Hour Baked Goods

Located at 310 South Main St in the heart of Downtown Salisbury is Local Focal, a marketplace that brings you everything from handmade goods to antique collectibles. This eclectic marketplace is the home to Blue Hour Baked Goods, a bakery start up that specializes in individual cakes, cake balls and cake donuts. Born from nostalgia, Blue Hour emerged through a desire to hold on. Beginning with the creation of "Hey Toots," a muffin with banana, chocolate chips and a hint of honey, the Blue Hour journey pays homage to friends and loved ones who have played an integral role in the life of the baker. Named after a beloved grandfather, "Hey Toots" is offered as a miniature muffin and can be purchased in packages of 6.  While "Hey Toots" is likely a popular option for those who enjoy a mild flavored treat with their morning coffee, this foodie was especially drawn to the sticky, apple cinnamon cake bite known affectionately as "Never Gonna Catch My Breath,

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